A journey to the sun. (c) 2018



Everyone is on a journey. Sometimes along our paths we get to experience the light. Sometimes, the dark. When an opening of light occurs inside the darkness, it is an aperture, a glimmer of hope that raises us above the Earth plane. Conversely, we can also use an aperture to allow darkness into those times of light, keeping us grounded and connected to the Earth plane. Although we may desire to always experience the lightness (because it feels really good), we need both. Without both, we are unbalanced. Without both, we are not truly experiencing our lives to the fullest.

Whether through photography, painting, collage or written word, my work expresses my own thoughts and feelings as I explore my own apertures along my journey. My hope is a peek into my experience creates a spark for someone else, becomes the catalyst to deepen the viewers own experience as they walk along their own path.

We are all connected. May we learn to live as interconnected beings, all in this together, creating more opportunities for growth and hope, and less divisiveness and despair. This is my hope for our future.